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Do you also think our beautiful city deserves so much better? We need you!

We are Brussels. We deserve better.

We are a group of Brusseleirs. Belgians and non-Belgians. Francophones, Néerlandophones, Anglophones.

We are neither affiliated with nor backed by any political party or trade union. We have no funding and we (re)invent ourselves as we go. We welcome everyone who can leave their partisan interests at the door step.

Our members have different personal political views, but we all agree on one thing:


Brussels governance needs a make-over.


We want 1 Brussels, and we want this unified Brussels to serve us, not politicians and their agendas.


We know it is a sensitive subject, but the communautarian power play holding our city hostage has decreased the provision of service to the population to a level that is no longer acceptable for a city that has both the function of Capital of Belgium and Capital of Europe.

We want this to change. We want Brussels to become a 21st century, modern, European city that welcomes its inhabitants and works for its inhabitants.


Our main 3 pillars therefore are:

  • Transfer of legislative power to a single Brussels government, leaving executive power with the communes districts
  • Guaranteed bilingual FR/NL civil service and addition of English as functional language
  • Voting rights for non-Belgian Brusseleirs on Regional level, as long as Brussels and the Region are 2 separate entities


We need you!

We strongly encourage both individuals and other groups who are friendly to our cause to contact us! We don’t need to agree on everything, but the louder the voice for 1 Brussels the better!

In case your message is marked as “prohibited”: We have noticed that our spam service is quite strict. Please do not paste any links in the message body. If your message is still marked as prohibited: don’t worry. We’ll find it and get back to you.