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We are Brussels. We deserve better.

A while ago, a politician – who opposes the idea to unify Brussels – used the somewhat peculiar argument “if all Belgians can have municipalities, then so can the Brusseleirs”.

Let’s turn this rather weak argument around and make it stronger:


If all Belgians deserve proper government, then so do the Brusseleirs

Do you also feel our beautiful city deserves better?
Join us.

This is where it starts.

We are 1 BRU and this is our manifesto.


We are Brussels: we speak city slang, Dutch, French, English, Arabic, Turkish, Italian, Spanish, Polish and about 100+ languages more. We are above language sensitivities.


We deserve a local government that is truly local. We deserve a government whose focus is on us, not on federal ambitions and not on consolidation of power. We are done with the political overhead and we don’t care about federal feuds.


We believe Common Sense to be the sole driver of reasonable politics. Ideologies – whether political, religious or whatnot – will only divide communities. We live in the real world, and in the real world we have to deal with each other, and left-right / native-foreign / Christian-atheist-Muslim discussions may be important topics on a federal, global and academic level, but have proven to useless in the daily practicalities of living together.


We dismiss the current political practice of monopolising important topics.
We care about education AND jobs. About equality AND police. We care about our environment AND commerce. About diversity AND careful immigration. We acknowledge that these issues are not set in stone and can shift over time. If daily reality requires adjustment, we move with it.


We are done with the status quo. We don’t believe in the “Brussels is so complex, it cannot be changed” adagium anymore.
The complexity of Brussels is not a law of nature: it is man-made and we know why.
It is high time to end this cynical abuse. What is man-made can also be undone. We want our tax money to be spent on things that really matter.
We want our city to be liveable, practical and fair. For everyone.

We want one Brussels.



We call upon all of you who feel the same.

We don’t need to agree on everything in life. We love Brussels for its diversity and we’d like to keep it that way.
Brussels is the center of Europe and the home of a fantastic mix of nationalities and cultures. We are an aggregate that makes us unique as a community. Now we want our city to move into the 21st century.

Disclaimer: demanding Common Sense from politicians implies demanding Common Sense from citizens as well. Racism, trolling, religious and/or ideological fanaticism and harassment in any form is not tolerated here. By anyone.

We need you!


A movement is only as big as the sum of its participants.

Do you want to become part of an epic endeavour that might become the single biggest and most courageous political move Brussels has seen this century?

Because an epic endeavour it is, and we’re going to need a lot of hands.

With time, we’re going to need translators, community ambassadors, project managers, interpreters, lawyers, event organisers, role models, strategists, social media marketers, influencers, moderators, administrators, psychologists, start-up specialists, crowd sourcers, planners, teachers, political scientists, webmasters, financial experts, to name a few.


Up for it? Talk to us. Tell us who you are and what you would like to do.



Currently, we have no funding. We aren’t even registered yet. Everything we do is therefore, at this moment, on a voluntary, no-reimbursement basis.

Your email address will not be published, shared or sold. We will use it solely for communication with you and you only. At any moment in time you can request to be removed from our address book and we will duly comply.

In case your message is marked as “prohibited”: We have noticed that our spam service is quite strict. Please do not paste any links in the message body. If your message is still marked as prohibited: don’t worry. We’ll find it and get back to you.